Department of Labour Inspection

The basic objective of the Department is the continuous and steadfast improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety standards, to ensure a satisfactory level of air quality and of the environment in general, the safeguard of the employees the public and the environment against ionized radiation hazards, chemical substances, machinery, equipment and offshore activities for drilling oil and natural gas. The Department’s strategy is put into force with the aid of the following working tools.

  • Appropriate institutional framework.
  • Appropriate legislative framework.
  • Appropriate market surveillance system.
  • Promotion of accidents prevention through guidance, information and training.
  • Incorporation of the issues the Department is dealing with in other policy areas such as training, employment, agriculture, environment, transport, e.t.c.
  • Encouragement of progress and research.
  • Close cooperation with the social partners and other social institutions.
  • Active cooperation and participation with the relevant activities of the EU and International and Regional Organisations.