Climate Change projections Future climate change assessment for Cyprus (CyI, DoE, DoM)

The main goal of this work package is devoted to obtaining, preparing and using state-of-the-art (in the highest available spatial resolution) climate data and projections from regional climate model simulations.


  • Mapping of climatic vulnerable areas in Cyprus a first-order possible response of environmental and socio-economic sectors due to climate change to assist the stakeholder interaction and government competencies (DoE) on the possible adaptation and mitigation.
  • Extreme events for weather preparedness in Cyprus, using statistical analysis on the model data will quantify aspects of extreme weather phenomena (heat waves, droughts, floods) that can be expected in the island in the coming decades. These events will be also associated with synoptic meteorological set-ups and the obtained numerical and spatial database will assist the government authorities (DoM) for extreme weather warning.