Socio-Economic Impact and Risk Assessment (CyI, EUC)

Impact and Risks

This work package is focused in the collectiveness from all the scientific work of this project to provide a synoptic assessment of the impacts of climate change and pollution and provide the necessary information to stakeholders, policy and decision makers and the sectors of the economy.

Policy and Innovation Support
Review and validation

Outreach and Dissemination: Based on the needs assessment, expert opinion and consulting can be provided from the project scientific outcomes. Potential relevant areas of applicability may include: a. Environmental planning and consulting, b. Assessment and prediction of air quality, c. Meteorological and climatic forecasts and projections, d. Coastal wind forecasting for energy applications and sailing events, e. Projection and assessment of regional climate change and extremes, f. Climate change impacts on specific sectors (e.g., health, agriculture, energy), g. Development of climate change adaptation strategies, h. Support for urban planning, i. Support with interpretation of research results and datasets, j. Analysis of risks related to environmental hazards and industrial accidents.